TOP 5 Best MIDI Keyboards Under $500

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Music for your fingertips.

A great MIDI keyboard is a way to enhance your music making process but comes in handy for great sound, too.Unfortunately, not everyone can afford expensive equipment and that is why we enlisted TOP 5 MIDI Keyboards (MIDI Controllers) under $500, for those on a minimum wage.

1. CME Xkey 37 - Price: $199

One of the best looking MIDI keyboards out there. CME Xkey 37 is a MIDI keyboard with enough functions to satisfy basic needs. Slimmed down design is great for portability and it weighs only around a pound and a half. It uses uniformly depressed keys i.e. it functions just like a computer keyboard. The great thing that it comes with pressure sensitivity which is amazing for getting emotion in your playing. It also comes with a sustain button that imitates sustain pedal on a piano. For under $500 it packs up a lot of features!


2. Novation Impulse 49 - Price $300

Not that pretty, but with few more features on the second place comes the Novation Impulse 49. Great smooth-action knobs will get you the perfect sound you are looking for, integrated drum pad provides a secure place for drum makers and key responsiveness guarantees immediate feedback. Solid housing is comfortable enough to carry around, but durable, too. Deep integration with most DAW systems gives background comfortable enough to buy it with no fear.


3. Nektar Panorama P4 - Price $399

Jam-packed with features, Nektar Panorama P4 takes the third place even though this is not a ranking list. 49 touch-sensitive keys, nine 45mm faders, and one 100mm motorized ALPS fader, 12 velocity pads, color display etc. It has everything you need. It offers so much controllability over a sound and is a perfect companion if you work on Propellerhead’s Reason because of the integration with the DAW it has.


4. M-Audio Axiom 49 - Price $499

The combination of production power and performance is what you’ll get with this keyboard. Equipped with great pads for programming beats, faders, encoders and other controls for hitting the sound you want. Improved ergonomics of a display gives a great viewing angle even when standing up and the size of it is great for carrying it from gig to gig. Another amazing thing is company’s background. Good reputation for producing well-put products at an acceptable price.


5. Akai MPK 249 - Price $399

Great semi-weighted, 49 keys MIDI keyboard will fulfill all your expectations for a 400 dollar keyboard. Its quality established fan base a few years ago and even became a standard for mid-range MIDI keyboards. Natural key feel and an unprecedented response is a great partner to your fingertips, in addition to many faders, pads and transpose controllers – colorful design might cheer you up, too!


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