The Future Of Jamo Records

So what does the future look like for Jamo Records?

Jamo Records’ future is nothing but a bright one! This year I plan on re-releasing my 1993 debut album Question of Truth completely remixed and remastered. I also plan to release 2 brand news singles along with that EP. I also plan to work with as many artists as I can cranking out new tunes. Also slated for 2017, I will start selling instrumental tracks on this website making my beats available to other artists for their productions.

Another project that I hope to get to this year is the completion of my studio. Right now I would call it more of a writing studio, though I can record. I’m just not completely setup the way I want to be. Currently, I’m working with a MacBook Pro and I use Logic Pro 10 for my audio tracks and for mastering them I use Audacity, which is one of the best freeware mastering software apps out there.

Moving forward¬†I will be releasing all of my music on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play making it available for anybody to purchase my stuff. FINALLY! I’m starting off with the single Arms of Love (Enigma Mix) and it should ready for purchase within 3 days!

Like I said, the future is bright and I’m wearing shades people. Stay tuned to Jamo Records social media channels and blog posts to find out the latest news and what I’m up to.

Thanks for your continued support!

Jamie Richards, Owner

Jamo Records

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