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About Jamo Records


About Jamo Records

Jamo Records is a sound and music production company. I specialize in writing tracks for other artists. The vision was to start a production company that would work with up and coming artists. The purpose of this website is to show some of the production samples I have done for other artists, as well as some songs I did for myself.

Eventually will be a marketplace for tracks for different genres: hip hop, rock, country, classical, soundtracks, etc.. Through that marketplace you would be able to purchase these tracks for use with your songs or production.

At Jamo Records I can record your music, do a songwriting session with you, record your voice singing over a track you already have, do custom music for you wedding, help you produce an album at another studio and more.

I’m glad you stopped by the website. I will be posting a lot of tracks for sale here very shortly. Also, very soon you’ll be able to book a session at my humble studio. In the mean time, take a listen to my samples. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the blog, there’s a lot of good info and news in there.

Thanks for stopping by!
Jamie Richards, Owner
Jamo Records