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Jamie Richards Albums

Here are my albums for your listening pleasure that were either a solo project or with a band. I have other music that’s not on an album yet that I will be posting snippets of soon. You can download the whole thing or listen to each song online.


A Vox Blu – The Answer
Jimmy Blundred and I put this album together back in the early 90s. Our influences were Depeche Mode and Erasure just to name a few. We only put out 1 album but we did get radio play for Your Eyes. We recorded this at Crystal Clear Studios in Irving, TX. Keith Rust recorded, mixed and mastered the album.

Jamie Richards – Question of Truth
This was a solo album I put out to try and do a crossover Christian album. The lyrics were God-centered but I didn’t come out say anything religious to keep from turning people away. My father (Greg Richards) and I wrote the lyrics to this project and I did the music. It was a lot of fun recording it at one of my favorite studios, Crystal Clear in Irving, TX. Keith Rust recorded, mixed and mastered the album.

Harvest Christian Fellowhip – Welcome Home
This album was recorded live at Harrell Auditorium in Plainview, TX. It was performed by the Harvest Christian Fellowship worship team. But we brought in a few other musicians to fill in the gaps. It was written by members of the worship team. It was the first live album I’ve ever done and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We mixed and mastered it at again, at Crystal Clear studios in Irving, TX.

Harvest Christian Fellowship – Signed Sealed Delivered
This was a studio album recorded, mixed and mastered at Harvest Christian Fellowship’s studio. Brad Huckabee and myself spent countless hours working on this project. The songs were written by Brad Huckabee, Jennifer Ragland and myself. Again, this was meant to be a worship album, and it was, but some of the songs crossed-over into the mainstream Christian music genre.