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What’s Coming To JamoRecords.com In 2018

Well, 2017 is officially over and it was a HUGE year for JamoRecords.com. We officially launched our store and became a marketplace for other artists to publish and sell their music online. We teamed up with JamoTracks as well to bring you the highest quality audio tracks in the market today. We also gave our website a brand new make-over! The plans for 2018 are even bigger than 2017. We will be adding over 2000 new samples to our store […]

The Future Of Jamo Records

So what does the future look like for Jamo Records? Jamo Records’ future is nothing but a bright one! This year I plan on re-releasing my 1993 debut album Question of Truth completely remixed and remastered. I also plan to release 2 brand news singles along with that EP. I also plan to work with as many artists as I can cranking out new tunes. Also slated for 2017, I will start selling instrumental tracks on this website making my […]

Welcome To Our Website

I’d like to welcome you to our website. My name is Jamie Richards and I started Jamo Records back in 1993 when I released my first album, Question of Truth. The vision of Jamo Records Productions is to create and produce high quality music, soundtracks, jingles or audio books for the masses. I also have the ability to record your project. I don’t really advertise that because I’m not a full-fledged studio just yet, but I have the tools to […]