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Support FAQ

Support FAQ

Below is a list of questions you might have for us. If for some reason we didn’t address your issue please reach out to us through our Contact Page or email us at and we’ll respond within 3 hours.


We accept all major credit cards (including American Express, Discover, JCB & Diner’s Club) through our secured payment gateway through Stripe. We also accept PayPal for our services when you schedule a studio session. For more information on our services check out our Services page.

Make sure you check your email for your order confirmation. It will contain the links to your downloads. Remember to check your Spam and Junk folders as well. Your download(s) are also listed in the My Downloads section of your Account Profile page, so you can always get to them there.

Remember to be patient because it can sometimes take a few minutes to get the order confirmation email with the download link(s) in it. If you’ve given it plenty of time (like 10-15 minutes) then more than possibly you put the wrong email address in when registering. Go to your ACCOUNT DETAILS area under your profile and you’ll see which email you registered with. If you used the right email address and you still haven’t received your confirmation email, never fear, just contact our customer support through our Contact Form or email and someone will get back with you within *1-2 hours to restore your account and send you the download link. 

* We don’t respond on Sundays. We are open Monday-Saturday from 7am-7pm CST.


You can find out all about our studio services and rates by clicking here.

YES YOU SURE CAN! One of the new features at is that you can book a studio session online. If you’d like to do that head on over to our booking page click here.

You cancel your session online by going to our Session Cancellation page.

Jamo Records started as a studio so we can record your music and produce it to radio quality. We offer mastering services where we can take your existing song and master it to radio quality as well. We offer music recording services as well as offering songwriting sessions or production session with different artists. For example, if you had a song, maybe some lyrics, or a guitar track, and you wanted to make a song out of it, we can help you do that as well. For a more better explanation of all of our services please visit our Services page.


Oops! 🙂 It’s okay, no worries, if you forgot your username just click here – Forgot Username – and enter in your email address and click on Get Username and you’ll receive an email with your username in it. If you forgot your password click here – Lost Password – and enter in your email address or username and click on Reset Password and an email will be sent to you so you can reset your password.

Our support hours are from 7:00am – 7:00pm every day except Sunday. The absolute best way to reach us is through our support email address which is And no, we don’t have a support phone number. We find that it’s totally acceptable in today’s time for an online business to offer support in other ways than through telephones. Emails and FAQs are just as effective for quick valuable technical support when you’re needing that answer now! We take a lot of pride in responding quickly. We typically respond within 1 hour when we’re open for business.

Yes and no. We hate to be vague, but yes there are restrictions if you purchase and download music with lyrics from JAMORECORDS.COM. You cannot distribute those songs in any way. They are copyright protected and you must get permission to use them. And just so you know, anytime anyone has asked to use one of our songs, we’ve been more than happy to oblige. So ask if you’re interested.

Now, if you purchase the instrumental tracks from JAMORECORDS.COM then those audio files can be used however you choose. For example you can put lyrics to them and re-record them or add them to a video and even charge to sell that video. That’s because all the instrumental works are under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License