Arms Of Love (Enigma Mix)

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This song was released by Jamie Richards in early 1993. He has come back and remixed and remastered it to make it more relevant and pop-synth dance-able! Lyrically this song describes how we all feel at times, that we just need to be safe in the arms of someone who loves us.




Safe in your arms of love

Running away from a life that pursues me
Finding my way seems to be all that consumes me
Caught in the race of humanity
No where to run can I be free
There's a place, a place I need to be

Safe in your arms of love (x2)

Don't understand why I feel this way
Suddenly I am ready to face another day
Receiving love was so hard for me
Now I'm changed can't you see
There's a place, a place where I want to be

Safe in your arms of love (x2)


1 review for Arms Of Love (Enigma Mix)

  1. John Sparks

    I absolutely love this song! What a great groove and a great message. I would love to hear more of your music Jamie Richards.

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