Unseen Hands (DJ Jamo Mix)

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Unseen Hands are the forces that protect us when we need it the most. This song is about those experiences we have when we know someone is with us whenever we’re all alone. This song has a an Enigma vibe to it.

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Unseen hands, you were protected by, unseen hands

Let me paint a picture in your mind
Using colors of imagination
An experience will bring it to life
Cause to feel it is to really believe it

Have you ever been alone
Has it happened before
When no one’s around
But you still the presence of

Unseen hands (x4)

Step into a world that’s so unkind
On a road that leads to you to destruction
Slipping on deception leaves you blind
Though your making paths of good intentions

Have you everĀ felt in danger
Of losing your life
But you’re around to say
That you were protected by

Unseen hands (x4)


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